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Hi there! I'm HicRic, your friendly neighbourhood idiot...person. Aaaanyway, check out the bio for this journal to see what it's all about!
What? You're too lazy to do that? Okay, I'll copy and paste it here for you. =P

Hi there! I'm HicRic. I have almost no life and very little mental capacity! However, I do enjoy games. Lots and lots of games. This community is dedicated to sharing any tips, tactics and so on for games that we have played! (I forsee this becoming hideously biased towards Final Fantasy...but...perhaps not, eh? XD)

I shall be filing entries into this community's "memories" under each game category, so you can easily find past tips for certain games.

I have no idea if this will actually be of use to anyone in the whole world. o_o But, hey! I guess it's worth a try. Everyone is welcome!

In the words of a certain very hard man with a red cloak, shades, and a nice big sword slung over his shoulder:

"It begins."
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