Poptard (mystiqex) wrote in tipsmadness,

Pain - Possible shrine?

Y'know, I've wanted for the longest time to make my own little shrine on the internet to a Final Fantasy character. For the simple reason that I absoloutly LOVE the Final Fantasy series and all its characters. But aside from that, I wanted to take on something challenging, and do a character that is little known to the general gamers. And then it hit me!

I'll do a shrine to Anima and the Baaj Temple fayth!

I really wanna do this and I'm already in the process of making plans on creating the website, I'm even setting up a subdomain on my server for it. But since there isn't much information on Anima & it's fayth, I was wondering if anybody thinks this is a good idea. I want to get an opinion from people who've played FFX and know who Anima is. I did the whole sidequest already to earn him and I dug up some information on Anima's origins and its connections with Seymour.

Anyway, tell me your opinions, please! Oh, and any information sources/images/etcetra would be greatly appreciated.
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