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Celestial Weapons

Eh heh, newbie here. Anyway..

I'm in the middle of playing FFX. I've already got the airship and ready to fight Sin, and even though I know I can beat it (I got bored and went ahead and fought it, then restarted my game) but I refuse to go on until I've played all the sidequests. I've already got all of the hidden Aeons and I'm in the middle of collecting all the hidden weapons. And I was wondering about two things...

1) GAH! Where's Auron's weapon!?!? I have the Crest, Sigil, and the Celestial mirror. *dies*

2) I accidently opened the chest in the monster arena (which is where you can find Yuna's ultimate weapon, Nirvana) without the Sigil. And I know that it wasn't fully powered up, or something. I just got her Sigil yesterday when I got the last of the hidden aeons and defeated Belgemine. But I was wondering even if I had gotten the Sigil after acquiring the Nirvana, if it would still be powered up. Right now, the only ability on it is "No AP" and it isn't customizable. I think I might have made a boo-boo, because nothing has changed from when I first got it without the Sigil.
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