Ricky (ricksmadness) wrote in tipsmadness,

Ocarina of Tyme

*coughs* That was such a bad pun.

I haven't posted here in aaaages. Bad me for letting my community die. Well I'm a meanie so I'm going to remind you of its existance. =P

In OoT, you can do all kinds of funny things with the Ocarina. While playing, holding the analogue stick in different directions makes the notes sound funny, and holding R or Z makes them higher or lower. If you feel like randomly playing odd music like I do, this is....useful. Otherwise, it doesn't help. =P

Also, if you take old Link into the windmill and make him stand on the spinning thing inside, and let go of the stick and all the buttons for a while, he'll rub his arms like he's cold and then sneeze. How random.
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