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Pain - Possible shrine?

Y'know, I've wanted for the longest time to make my own little shrine on the internet to a Final Fantasy character. For the simple reason that I absoloutly LOVE the Final Fantasy series and all its characters. But aside from that, I wanted to take on something challenging, and do a character that is little known to the general gamers. And then it hit me!

I'll do a shrine to Anima and the Baaj Temple fayth!

I really wanna do this and I'm already in the process of making plans on creating the website, I'm even setting up a subdomain on my server for it. But since there isn't much information on Anima & it's fayth, I was wondering if anybody thinks this is a good idea. I want to get an opinion from people who've played FFX and know who Anima is. I did the whole sidequest already to earn him and I dug up some information on Anima's origins and its connections with Seymour.

Anyway, tell me your opinions, please! Oh, and any information sources/images/etcetra would be greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like a great idea! Having messed up the Bevelle temple (ugggh...), I don't think I'm going to be able to access Baaj the right way...so...I'm interested for sure. :D Plus, the story of its origins is infinitely intriguing...
I ended up having to do Bevelle twice. Just because, I had this crazy feeling that there was a significance to those destruction spheres. The first time around took me about 45 minutes (just because I'm slow and all the different colors hurt my eyes) to finish, and I missed the destruction sphere and restarted and did it again. Took me roughly ten minutes.

But anyway, I would give you the coordinates to Baaj Temple if only I remembered them. Their around the south end of the map in the big foggy area. Turns out Baaj Temple is where you first wake up when you go through Sin and end up in Spira. To get to Anima, you have to have gotten the Destruction spheres in all the temples (including Zanarkand. You can always go back and get it after you've gotten the airship.)

Anima is worth it, though. He's hella strong, and I actually use half of the prizes I get from the tresure chests from destruction spheres. I actually liked doing all the cloister of trials. If anybody ever needs help with them, I can write up a complete walk through for each.
I think that's a great idea! =) The whole Anima, Seymour and Seymour's Mother/Fayth thing was really interesting. And Anima can pull off the highest damage attack in the game, without exceptions, which is cool. XD

I'll have a dig around, see if I can come up with some images or info for you.
Wow! Thank you! I'll be sure to give you full credit if in fact you can dig up anything.