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Auron's Story

Auron: This is my story, of how Ricky just made my stats go through the roof in a very short time. *laughs derisively* Some tale this shall be. *leans on his sword and stares cooly at Ricky*

Well, here it is:

How Auron Got 34 S-Levels In Just Ten Minutes

Well, there I was, randomly FFX'ing. I had just caught the last monster I needed to have one of every kind in the game. The monster capture guy gave me 99 Winning Formula items!

That got me thinking.

I looked at Auron's sword collection, and noticed something: I had Heaven's Cloud. This had "Break Damage Limit" and three blank slots.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I used:

20 Mega Elixirs to give it Double AP,
30 Winning Formulas (Formulae?) to give it Triple Overdrive,
10 Doors To tomorrow to give it Overdrive --> AP.

I got these items mostly by capturing monsters from around Spira, and then talking to the Monster Capture Arena guy. I then put Auron's "Warrior" overdrive mode on.

I already have a large amount of the sphere grid unlocked with Auron, he had around 140 strength. This meant that with break damage limit, he does around 60,000 to enemies in Omega Dungeon (sometimes 99,999).

After the battle, all the Triple Overdrive he was getting by doing that damage was made into AP, and then doubled! All thanks to that sword. He needs than 10000 AP to get one level, where I am, and he gets around 60K AP per battle.

Hence, 34 S-levels in 10 minutes. ^__^

Auron: I have to admit I am very, very hard now. I cast a mean Flare. >D

*coughs* Anyway. ^^; I get creative when I start writing. Sorry. ^^;; I've made similar weapons for Tidus and Yuna, too.
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